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The Hon. Alan Stockdale (right) launch of winCashbook

Version 1 launched November, 2000         

The former Victorian Treasurer and Multimedia Minister, Hon. Alan Stockdale, officially launched winCashbook (PAYGEasy) in November 2000 at the Stamford Plaza in Melbourne.  Also pictured is the Managing Director of PAYGE Pty. Ltd..

PAYGE Pty. Ltd. was established when the GST was introduced in 2000. The major changes to tax rules, combined with improvements in technology, provided the opportunity to make life easier for small businesses. PAYGE designed the new cashbook from scratch to accomodate the ATO's new tax rules into the best ease-of-use product possible. The development used extensive feedback from small business focus groups and training organisations.

winCashbook Version 7 (2012 - 2016)
Version 1 was designed around the simple "Money IN and OUT" cashbooks. It was called PAYGEasy (Pay As You Go Easy) and was similar to the ATO's e-Record only quicker and easier. During the last 10 years, optional features have been added: Version 2 - the "Future Cashbook" including the smart copy of records;  Version 3 - "Excel Link";   Version 4 - the "Invoice" to extend the Money IN cashbook;  Version 5 - "Profit" and "Fuel Tax Credit". Version 6 - Charts of cashbooks and profit. Version 7 - Allows the choice of a "SIMPLE" format, for use by simple companies.  Details on these enhancements can be found in the Version History page.

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