winCashbook is tax software that is simple to use and specifically designed for Australia. It helps
businesses to comply with their tax requirements. Recording is simple and is usually completed in
only one step. It has excellent business management within the flexible cashbook displays.

Money IN Cashbook example

   Money IN Screenshot

  • The Money IN cashbook lists all of the receipts and has the TOTAL at the bottom
  • Receipts are sorted by date but to change this simply click the top of any column

Many businesses will use only four features: 1) Money IN   2) Money OUT  3) BAS   4) Business Balance
Record the Money IN and OUT for your business - the cashbook produces the accounting reports. It is easy because it is a cashbook with additional features available - for the feature list see benefits of the iceberg design

It also manages cash flow.  Past records can be copied for future use. By selecting the cashbook period you can review your records and prepare for future business needs. winCashbook requires little computer knowledge - the "Getting Started Guide" is within the Help. Several of the important features are shown in the Product DEMO

If you use winCashbook you will usually only contact your accountant once a year. Your records will be clear and well organised, saving time and money. For feature descriptions see the Key Features brochure

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