Training Videos

These short videos are setup in YouTube.
They show how to use winCashbook in a simple way as well as some special features.


Main Buttons - What's Where  - Click to SHOW

Flexibility - Totals and Columns  - Click to SHOW

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Company Setup - Click to SHOW    (refer below - if not registered for GST)

Record Money IN  - Click to SHOW

Record Money OUT - Click to SHOW

Wages Record and Report - Click to SHOW

BAS (eBAS) for the ATO
and Business Balance for the accountant  - Available soon



(Useful after 6 months when there are lots of records. Can also be investigated by using the Demo Company)

Summary Button for Best Customers and more  - Click to SHOW

Summary Button for Profit and Charts  - Available soon



Setup when NOT registered for GST  - Click to SHOW

Define Category for Fuel Tax Credit - Click to SHOW

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