Version History

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Past versions: 

Version 7 - Simple Format (easier for initial use) 
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  • Cloud backup as a 2nd optional backup location
  • Note column optionally on cashbook displays
  • Year Summary formatted for easier viewing
  • Option of "winCashbook (SIMPLE)" format
    Displays are limited to the features used by home based businesses
    (Other features available by one-click to the "FULL" format)

Version 6 - Chart

  • Money IN and OUT Charts for month, quarter or year
  • Profit Chart with option for previous year comparison
  • Second "Modern" Invoice format  (default COMMENT and PDF for emailing)
  • Link to the ATO's Wage Withheld calculator (suggestion by York Partners)
  •  "Service" Invoice option

Version 5 - Profit (also Fuel Tax Credit)

  • "Profit Light" to indicate Profit or Loss for start-up businesses.
  • PROFIT summary for the selected period with drill down to record level.
  • SUMMARY button "Hot Spots", best customers / highest expenses.
  • Export to MYOB
  • Fuel Tax Credit with litres calculation (optional - mainly for farming and trucking)
  • Payment Summaries and Super Guarantee Calculation

Version 4 - Invoice

  • Invoice with logo
  • eBAS (electronic Business Activity Statement) option for ATO portal.
  • SUMMARY button for easy sorting and sub-totals.
  • Export to Excel enhanced for NEIS - New Enterprise Incentive Scheme.

Version 3 - Excel

  • "Excel Link" transfers Cashbook information to MS Excel.
  • Private % for Money OUT including a default rate on the Category.
  • Print a selection of records.

Version 2 - Future Transactions

  • Future Cashbook for improved cashflow management and easier entry.
  • Copy (daily, weekly, monthly etc.) of records for recurrent receipts and payments.

Version 1 - Money IN and Money OUT

  • Initial public release - November, 2000.