Frequently Asked Questions - please click on the topics below.

1. Suitable Computers

1.1 Does the cashbook run on a Mac?

Yes, winCashbook can run on a Mac as long as it has Windows

2. Changing Computers and Re-Registration

2.1 How do I change computers ?

  • Backup your data safely (File, Backup).

3. Technical

3.1 Existing clients need Version 8 to use winCashbook on a new computer

winCashbook is no longer available for sale and support for the software is being reduced. Existing clients who still decide to continue using winCashbook will need Version 8. To do this, please backup (using File, Backup) before you install the new version. First obtain the current version from our Download web page - fill out the form and follow the instructions on the web page. As mentioned below,  the cashbook needs full access to its sub-folders. The easiest way to do this is as Administrator - your computer supplier may be able to explain other methods. 

3.2 Install and run winCashbook with sufficient access within its own folders

To run correctly, valid access is needed by the winCashbook program as follows:

1) Installation of the download normally requires "Administrator"

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