2. Changing Computers and Re-Registration

2.1 How do I change computers and Re-Register ?

  • Backup your data safely (File, Backup).
  • Download the current version of winCashbook from the download page and install the cashbook on the new computer. Run (double click) the download. Note: Administrator access is needed for installation.
  • Run the cashbook, click OK to any "Update" messages and RESTORE your latest backup (File, Restore). Note: Full access is required - the easiest way for this is to "run as administrator"- right click the winCashbook icon when starting the cashbook.
  • Re-Register if necessary ... more information in the following topics.

2.2 How do I Re-Register ?

Re-registration is only suitable if you are already one of our clients. This software is no longer being sold to new clients. Re-Registration may not be required - RESTORE your latest backup and then check if the software continues without requesting Re-Registration.

If required: click the "Re-Register" button on the Buy page then fill out the form including the current Installation Number. This can be found by running winCashbook and clicking Registration at the top of the winCashbook window. Finally, pay the Re-Registration administration fee ($15 including GST).

2.3 When will I Re-Register?

Re-Registration may be needed to use the cashbook on a new computer. Please carefully follow the instructions above (refer 2.1) before you Re-Register. Re-Registration may also be needed if you have computer problems or changes which remove the cashbook Registration. (Examples: 1. Hard disc failure 2. Installation of a new version of Windows)
Re-Registration is not normally needed to install a new version of the cashbook but please do NOT uninstall the previous version.

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