2. Changing Computers and Re-Registration

2.1 How do I change computers ?

  • Backup your data safely (File, Backup).
  • Download the current version of winCashbook from the download page and install the cashbook on the new computer. Run (double click) the download. Note: Administrator access is needed for installation.
  • Run the cashbook, click OK to any "Update" messages and RESTORE your latest backup (File, Restore).

    Note 1: Full access is required by winCashbook to its sub-folders. The easiest way for this is to "run as administrator"- right click the winCashbook icon when starting the cashbook.

    Note 2: We recommend you store the download file of winCashbook safely, as you may need it to keep using winCashbook in the future.
    Please read the WARNING in the next item (2.2) before deciding to keep using winCashbook.

2.2 When is Re-Registration needed ?

The current version (Version 8) is only suitable for existing clients who are already registered. To continue using winCashbook clients must use Version 8 of the software and Re-Registration will not be required as long as winCashbook has been fully and correctly installed. WARNING: Clients should be aware that NO new versions of winCashbook are planned and support is being reduced as no further licenses are being sold. If changing computers, RESTORE your latest backup and then check if the software continues without requesting Re-Registration.

2.3 What to do if a "delay" message appears when adding records?

If Re-Registration is requested when adding records, please carefully follow the instructions above (refer 2.1) to ensure you have installed the software correctly. You may need to re-install if you have computer problems or make changes to your computer (Examples: 1. Hard disc failure 2. Installation of a new version of Windows).
Check you have Version 8 by running winCashbook and using the menu item (Help, About).

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